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Actress Janet Hubert AKA Aunt VIV Shares Heartbreaking Message From The Hospital, “ Life Is Too Short”



Beloved actress Janet Hubert also known to us all as Aunt Viv has taken to social media with an insightful message, while also revealing she’s currently hospitalized!

In a since then deleted post to her account for fans Janet, 65 wrote; “Don’t waste precious time people in anger. Yes people will do you wrong and you must fight for truth no matter how long, and IF you can get the TRUTH you seek…find love again as we have.”

She continues by reflecting on her conversation with former “ Fresh Prince of Bel Air” cast-mate Will Smith last year and the process of healing they both endured from it.

Life is too short as I am in hospital as I write this to all of you. Holding onto anger will eat you alive. But truth at any cost.” Janet continued, “Reputation is PRICELESS. I LOVE YOU WILL, for being strong enough to tell truth, and share your hurts and trauma” concluding, “Now we close the doors and live our lives. PEACE OUT!”

She returner a few days later to social media responding to trending reports attempt to crack the code behind her message, “Wow… the press and some of y’all are ready like Vultures to circle the body…well this body will reach up and grab your asses and have you for dinner🤣I am home and my health is my business kay😎 to the many of you who helped me feel better with your well wishes…❤😘THANK YOU! Positively heals, negatively kills. LIVE YO LIFE, I’M LIVING MINE. 🤪 #nowrunandtelldat“

Cousins let’s continue to keep Ms Janet in our prayers while sending lots of love and positivity her way! 🙏🏿❤️

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