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Malcolm Jamal Warner Responds To If He Resents How Bill Cosby’s Sexual Assault Claims May Have Impacted The Cosby Show’s Legacy; “ I Can’t Defend Him Or His Actions At All. But I Also Can’t Throw Him Under The Bus Completely”

Cousins! Growing up as a kid the ‘Cosby show’ signified a major staple within Black homes across the country!

Viewers were able to tap in each week to watch a middle class family consisting of a mother and wife portray the role of a high powered attorney alongside a father and husband as a successful doctor working within his own practice. Together their main focus was the advancement of their family through education, modern day values and love.

As impactful as the ‘Cosby Show’ was and may to this day still be it is is difficult to believe that the series influence hasn’t been a tad bit tarnished following Bill Cosby’s recent legal troubles.

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Following a list of sexual assault claims ranging from alleged drugging, aggravated assault, indecent exposure and more; the man who once held the title of being “America’s Dad” has been the face of controversy over the last few years.

In a recent interview with Jemele Hill actor and Cosby’s former television son Theo, played by Malcolm Jamal Warner was asked if he resents him and how his actions may have impacted how people may now view the show— which may also have ultimately effected his overall financial compensation.

“No. I get how this business works. For one, and just that whole situation is so layered, man. I can’t defend him or his actions at all. But I also can’t throw him under the bus completely.”

He continues, “Because I have an understanding of all of the layers. Like, it’s so complex and it’s so many shades of gray, that most people will never get.”

Bill Cosby and Malcolm Jamal Warner 2015

In response to the allegations The Cosby Show had been pulled from countless streaming services and even networks reports The Jasmine Brand.

As we previously reported back in 2018, a jury found Cosby guilty of three counts of aggravated indecent assault. He was then sentenced to three to ten years in prison. However he was released back in June of 2021 due to a reported violation. The Pennsylvania Supreme Court had overturned his conviction.

Despite his release Cosby’s legal troubles haven’t slowed up at all just recently a total of five women filed a sexual assault lawsuit against him. However he has publicly expressed his plans to return to the stage in a reported comedy show run scheduled for sometime this year.

“We have so many — I mean, hundreds of thousands of supporters just asking for him to do a show. We have so many promoters across the country. He is in high demand,” says Cosby’s publicist and crisis manager Andrew Wyatt.

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