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Police Currently Questioning Davido’s Nanny Following 3 Year Old Son’s Tragic Death In Reported Drowning Incident!

Cousins! An investigation is under way following the tragic death of Nigerian artist Davido ‘s 3 year old son over Halloween weekend. Initially beginning with 8 staff members being taken in for questioning has now resulted in the Nanny considered a main focus!

According to reports from CNN, Ifeanyi Adeleke who had celebrated his birthday last month is believed to have drowned in his family’s home pool. The Lagos area located incident took place as neither Davido or his fiancée Chioma Rowland were home.

“Eight members of his domestic staff were taken in for questioning, but a nanny and one other person are still being questioned. After our interrogation, six people were allowed to go because they don’t have any direct bearing with the incident,” says spokesman for Lagos Police Benjamin Hundeyin. He continues, “It appears to be drowning but we need to conduct our investigation to ascertain that.”

Reports read that officers have not yet reviewed obtained footage from the incident. “When we get to that we will review them,”says Benjamin. “For now, we haven’t done that. The investigation is systematic – step by step.” He adds” been in touch with his parents from day one.”

Prior to he tragic incident Davido write on Instagram, “I pray with all my heart that God grants you perfect health and pure happiness for as long as humanly possible. You will grow to be greater than Me , Happy birthday, son @davidifeanyiadeleke !!! #BIG3”

Chioma had also posted a photo with a caption that read “Happy birthday to the love of my life. Mummy loves you so much, may God always bless you for me. God has been so faithful to us and I’m so grateful to be called your mummy. May you be greater than your parents in Jesus’ name, amen. Love you twin! #big3.”

Cousins, please keep Davido and his family in your prayers.

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