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R. Kelly Forced His Alleged Victims To Film Explicit Videos and Perform Sexual Acts With With His ‘Nephew’

-Jasmine Dyer-


 New York prosecutors describe R. Kelly as a monster for his horrific abuse of women to convince the judge to sentence the disgraced singer to a lengthy prison sentence!

Evidence is making things look worse than ever for the artist. Court documents state that Kelly “methodically groomed the women and girls in his orbit to meet all his sexual needs.” 

Kelly did not allow his victims to speak or look at other men. While walking through hallways, they were expected to look at the floor. When in the elevator, they were ordered to turn to face the back. The women and girls were forced to call Kelly “daddy” and wear baggy clothes. 

According to The Jasmine Brand, the alleged victims wrote letters confessing false crimes under Kelly’s orders. 

Court documents stated, “In these letters, they falsely confessed to stealing money and jewelry; they falsely admitted concocting elaborate robberies; one falsely claimed that she seduced the defendant when she was underage and threatened to claim he raped her if he would not engage in sexual activity with her.” 

Furthermore, “[Kelly] regularly required Jane to have sexual contact with other men and women at his direction, including the women living with him, his assistants …. And a man he referred to as “nephew” who she had never even seen prior to [Kelly] directing her to have sex with him.” 

The government stated Kelly sometimes even made women eat feces on camera. Another young woman was spanked repeatedly by Kelly and filmed making derogatory comments about herself while pacing the room naked, according to Radar Online. 

Prosecutors accuse the singer and his associates of running a massive scheme to recruit young women to sexually, physically, and mentally abuse for years.

Many victims of Kelly took the stand to elaborate on the singer’s abuse. In September, Kelly was found guilty of sex trafficking and racketeering. 

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