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D.C Delivery Man Reportedly Suspended After Posting Viral TikTok Video Of Roaming Rats In Popeyes!

-Angelot ndongmo-


Many patrons of the D.C. Popeyes located at 409 8th Street SE would think of the delivery man, Ricardo Land, as a living legend for outing the rodent dilemma there. He was reprimanded with a suspension from work, without pay after posting a video he made of them to TikTok. Now he must join the ‘rat race’ in the unemployment line!

YAHOO reported that Land was doing a regular raw chicken delivery. He seemed to have grown tired of keeping the sordid delivery experience all to himself, and decided at that moment to uhh ‘rat’ out the establishment.

It felt like the beginning of a horror movie, watching the driver stare calmly into the camera lens then suddenly ask, “Y’all wanna see something?”

He explained he delivers to Popeyes all throughout the area as he walked towards the door, went in and turned on the lights. Rat mayhem broke loose immediately, as about 15 full size rodents dropped their munchies and ran for cover. All while Land sang the Popeyes line from their famous jingle “Love that chicken from Popeyes”.

Viewers no doubt grimaced in horror, unable to look away. When the congo line of rodents slowed, Land looked back into the camera lens and asked “You still love that chicken from Popeyes?!”

He uploaded the video to Tiktok, then Poof! A new viral video was born. Down on his luck after being suspended and unsure how to care for his family of 5, this Tiktok superstar uploaded a gofundme to raise $10,000 for help. The support poured in and judging by the $44,000 raised, he will be able to brush his shoulders off and find new opportunities.

The D.C. Health Department wasted no time. They were not about to play cat and mouse with this site and shut them down… once again?! Welp, YAHOO further explained it turns out this site is no stranger to citations, one of them involving dead bugs in ceilings. “ It was also hit with an additional 17 violations in October, “including rat droppings outside near the grease bin, openings in the kitchen ceiling…”

The real kicker is, it isn’t the rats that got the place shut down; but rather the dysfunctional thermostats in the fridge and freezer!!

So Cousins, just between us, are you still loving that chicken from Popeyes? Comment below.

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