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Indianapolis Metropolitan Sergeant Under Investigation Following Viral Video Of Him Kicking A Handcuffed Man In The Head!

-Angelot Ndongmo-


Sergeant Eric Huxley of the Indianapolis Police Department, was caught on body camera attempting to shatter the face of an already handcuffed man; even going as far as pressing his shoe into the gentleman’s face as he lay helpless!

According to CNN an investigation has been launched into the conduct of a Sergeant by the FBI and the federal prosecutors. Police arrived on the scene for a disorderly conduct incident on Monument Circle on September 24, 2021 as they arrested a gentleman identified as Mr. Jermaine Vaughn. 

Mr. Vaughn, was placed in handcuffs and then subjected to an unwanted session of police brutality special, at the hands of the Sergeant right down alongside accompanying officers.

The entire incident was captured on the officers body camera. Within the video Sergeant Huxley can be seen directly violating Mr. Vaughn’s rights. You can even hear the bone chilling crack sound of the impact of Huxley’s shoe crushing the victim’s head.

Huxley is seen lifting his leg and driving it down full force, connecting his shoe into the face of an already handcuffed, unsuspecting Mr. Vaughn. The officers then further manipulate his limbs to extremes and carry him off.

The IMPD Chief Randal Taylor would like to see  Sgt. Huxley fired for his actions, “to the citizen involved in this incident, my thoughts and prayers go out to you. That interaction does not represent IMPD and the work our officers do each day to keep our community safe”,Taylor said in a statement to the media.

He added, they released the video footage early as a sign of transparency and to help build better relationships with communities.

Mr. Vaughn was taken to jail but never given any medical treatment for his injuries.

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