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Minister That Conducted R.Kelly And Aaliyah 1994 Wedding Testifies In Federal Court!


For the very first time in 27 years the minister that officiated late R&B singer Aaliyah and R. Kelly ‘s wedding has spoken out publicly!

Minister Nathan Edmond, 73 appeared in Brooklyn’s Federal District court via video on Wednesday to testify that he wed Kelly and Aaliyah.

Nathan Edmond appears on wide screen video via Brooklyn Federal Court

Nathan Edmond appears on wide screen video via Brooklyn Federal Court

According to CNN Kelly’s marriage to Aaliyah serves as a pressing factor within the Brooklyn’s federal case. The prosecution team has forwarded evidence that a member of his camp bribed local officials to create a fake ID in order for the marriage to take place.

Kelly was 27 at the time and Aaliyah was only 15 years old, their marriage was annulled once her parents had found out.

Court documents indicate that Nathan stated he had married the couple within a Rosemont, Illinois area of Chicago.

Nathan says that he never met Kelly or Aaliyah prior to their wedding, and that he’d been asked by a mutual friend of him and Kelly to officiate the wedding as a favor.

“I didn’t think it was anybody special. I didn’t understand it at all,” he stated in court.

“The door opened to the bedroom and out stepped Aaliyah and Mr. Kelly,” Edmond testified.

Nathan explains that both Kelly and Aaliyah wore matching sweatsuits with a single pants leg up during the ceremony.

“They both had one leg on the jogging suit up to the knee,” he details. “You couldn’t see her whole face because her hair was over half of her face.”

Nathan states that he has never spoken publicly despite numerous requests from the media because he gave Kelly his word not to and had signed a NDA.

However he was subpoenaed to do so which forced him to testify in court.

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