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Former Georgia District Attorney Indicted On Criminal Charges Of Mishandling Within Ahmaud Arbery Case!


Former Georgia District Attorney Jackie Johnson has officially been indicted for violating her oath of office with obstruction of justice in connection to the mishandling of Ahmaud Arbery’s murder case!

According to CNBC News, former Brunswick Judicial Circuit prosecutor Jackie is being accused of showing favor within the case for defendant Greg McMichael who previously worked for her as an investigator, by blocking the arrest of his son Travis McMichael.

Reports read that a Grand Jury indicted Jackie on Thursday afternoon noting that she had failed to treat Ahmaud and his family fairly during the trial when she decided to seek assistance for another district attorney. The same attorney that identified Ahmaud’s death as justified.

“From my perspective, this is historic,” said Ahmaud’s family attorney, Lee Merritt, in regards to the recent indictment. “We rarely see — and I’ve never seen — accountability for a prosecutor who interfered in an investigation.”

Ahmaud, 25 was jogging through a neighborhood exercising when he was shot and killed in February of last year by father and son Gregg and Travis captured in a viral video. They’ve stated that their cause of action was self defense because they had suspected Ahmaud of being behind break-ins.

According to the Washington Post, Violation of oath for a public officer is a felony carrying a sentence of one to five years, and obstructing and hindering a law enforcement officer is a misdemeanor carrying a sentence of up to 12 months.

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