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Vice President Kamala Harris States America Isn’t A Racist Country, But Believes There’s A History Of Racism!


Vice President Kamala Harris has recently stated that though she doesn’t personally believe America is a racist country she acknowledges the fact that there is history of racism that exists today that needs to be addressed!

Vice President Harris appeared on the Good Morning America show on Thursday following President Biden’s address of congress on Wednesday evening. She was asked by the show’s host George Stephanopoulus about previous comments forwarded by Senator Tim Scott where he claimed the U.S is not racist.

“I don’t think America is a racist country,” says Vice President Harris. “But we also do have to speak truth about the history of racism in our country, and it’s existence today.’

She also recognized President Biden for “always having the ability and the courage, frankly, to speak the truth about it. He spoke what we know from the intelligence community, one of the greatest threats to our national security is domestic terrorism manifested by white supremacists.”

Vice president Harris also forwarded the notion that in order for the nation to come together , the issues of discrimination and white supremacy need to be addressed. She believes that the Biden administration will helping within leading those efforts.

“I think the president has been outstanding, and a real national leader on the issue of saying let’s confront the realities, and let’s deal with it, knowing we all have so much more in common than what separates us, and the idea is that we want to unify the country, but not without speaking truth and requiring accountability as appropriate.”

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