Update: $600 Stimulus Checks To Be Distributed Within The US As Early As Next Week!


Direct reports from the Treasury Secretary, Steven Mnuchin, has indicated that all qualifying Americans are set to receive direct payments within a newly approved COVID relief package.

Legislation could possibly begin distributing stimulus checks for a total of $600 beginning as early as next week reports CNBC.

It has been indicated that all individuals that earned up to $75K will receive $600. Married couples who have earned up tp $150K could receive $1200.

Sources have confirmed that an additional $300 a week in extra unemployment aid is set to go in effect as early as next week through March 14, 2021.

Reports read within the CARES Act, the $1,200 checks were fully eliminated for single people earning over $99,000 and for couples earning over $198,000. Ultimately it has been indicated that any individual who has dependent children can receive $600 for each child.

The extra $600 will be given directly toward each “child dependent.” Basically meaning any adult who is claimed as a dependents for example a college students, could possibly not qualify for any additional checks.

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