STOP THE VIOLENCE: Rapper Benny The Butcher Shot In Leg Within Attempted Robbery While At Walmart!


We regret to inform you all of another act of senseless violence as circulating reports confirm the apparent shooting of rapper Benny The Butcher while shopping at Walmart!

The incident took place Saturday in Houston, Texas while Benny was shopping at a local Walmart with friends, reports TMZ.

It has been indicated that Benny had travelled from New York recently to Houston.

Reports read that that while Benny and his friends were in the parking lot area of Walmart a vehicle occupied by 5 gentlemen pulled up beside them and pulled out a series of guns demanding them to give up their chains.

Sources have confirmed that Benny was shot as one of the unidentified gunmen grew impatient and opened gunfire.

Officials have stated that after the shooting took place the gun men ran off and so did Benny and his crew. He was later taken to a local hospital where he’s being treated for a gun wound in his leg.

There has been no updates of his current condition.

Please join us in sending love and light to him and his loved ones at this time.

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