Deelishis Shares That She Never Actually Got A Chance To Date Flavor Flav After Winning The Show; Says She Would Still Date Him!

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Cousins! Former reality television star Deelishis is dropping tea on her season two win of the VH1 original dating show ‘Flavor of Love” as she reveals her and Flavor Flav never got a chance to actually date!

While appearing in a newly released episode of Meghan James interviews series ‘The Hollywood Group Chat’ Deelishis was asked about her overall experience on the early 2000s hit reality show.

Deelishis responded in giving a shout out to all of the women from season one through three as she shared that she is very much still cool and in contact with a lot of them including the self crowned Head B*tch In Charge, New York.

Meghan also asked Deelishs about her current relationship with Flav and if the two are still cool.

“Oh, we’re very cool! Flav is often in Detroit. Someone just recently told me that he has a place there now, and he kind of, like, semi-resides there,” said Deelishis.

‘But, he’s often around my dad… Um, they run into each other all the time or whatever.’

She continued, “But, he’ll hit me up especially if he hears something, you know, that’s in the news, whether it’s good or bad, he always checks on me.”

To Meghan’s surprise Deelishis admitted that she would date Flav to this very day “…I love Flav!… I would date Flav… In real life.…Especially to this day… I would.

Deelishis stated that though she won she never got the chance to actually date the 64 year old Hip Hop icon. “I didn’t get my chance…” said the 45 year old. “I didn’t really get the chance to date him. I won the show, and in my mind that meant I won him, and we were going to start dating or whatever, but that really didn’t happen like that.”

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