Ciara And Russell Wilson Set To Release Multiple Fragrance Collection!


Love is in the air and if it’s not at the very moment it soon will be as powerhouse married couple Ciara and Russell Wilson are set to take the perfume and cologne industry by storm!

Both Ciara and Russell are set to release a pair of fragrances within the holiday season, reports The Grio.

Sources have confirmed that Ciara and Russell have established R&C The Fragrance in partnership with Hampton Beauty.

“We wanted our scents to be able to be very strong individually but also be stronger together.  For me, I really wanted to put out something sexy. When you walk in the room, I think you want the man to bring a presence without overdoing it. That’s kind of something I’ve always wanted to feel,”says Russell in an interview with WWD.

Reports read that the couple worked on the fragrance line together during the pandemic.

“I like scents to be distinctive,” Ciara speaks on the description of her fragrance. “I want it to be memorable. I always think about the feeling that I get when I smell someone that smells so fresh…You remember that scent. It leaves a mark on you.”

R&C fragrance is set for release November 17th.

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