Trump Campaign Set To File Lawsuit Against Michigan And Pennsylvania For Continued Ballot Count!


It appears that the Trump campaign is moving on their own time as they have officially filed a lawsuit on Wednesday to stop the continuing ballot counts in both Pennsylvania and Michigan.

According to The Hill, Donald Trump is currently in the lead against democratic nominee Joe Bidden.

Reports read that the Trump administration has taken legal action towards Pennsylvania Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar upon athe order to allow mail in ballots post marked on Election Day that won’t be received until Friday.

Despite the millions of unaccounted votes Trump’s campaign has motives of stopping any further action to be taken where he is currently in the lead. His camp argues that the Supreme Court refuses to act on the specified ballot deadline and that he disagrees with the extension given.

It has been indicated that Trump’s campaign has previously warned officials that they would take legal action if in the event a close race occurred. They’ve requested a recount in Wisconsin and a overall halt to ballot counts in Michigan.

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