Uber Soon To Require Passengers To Forward Selfie Wearing Mask Prior To Ride!


Uber passengers will soon be required to forward a selfie of themselves to drivers wearing a masks prior to each ride!

According to CNN an official statement was forwarded by Uber on Tuesday noting that passengers who have been reported by drivers for not wearing a mask in the past will be required to take a selfie of themselves wearing one for verification purposes.

Reports read that if the passenger follows the rules accordingly with no issues they won’t have to be required to forward a selfie.

Sources have confirmed that the selfie verification feature will go into effect at the end of September in the U.S and Canada, also expanding throughoutm Latin America and other countries.

The mandate has been recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to ensure a decrease in the spreading of coronavirus cases.

Both drivers and passengers have been required to wear a mask since the month of May.


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