White Male Homeowner Receives Order To Write Apology Letter After Threatening To Murder Black Teenager!

#Cousins ; are we delusional in thinking that one day the legal system will somehow forward a fare fight for us all where privilege and false justification are nonexistent, though somehow that day never seems to take place on our behalf ever? Unfortunately nothing has changed as a white male homeowner from Oregon recently got off with less than a slap on his wrists after directly threatening to blow a black 14 year old boy’s head off.

The incident took place on May 10th, 2018 as Michael James Black,65 sat within the garage area of his home and noticed an unidentified young black teenager riding his bicycle, reports Blavity. It has been indicated that the young teen was in 50 feet radius from Black’s home when he first noticed him and then he said to have seen the teen pull up and onto his property with his bike making a full stop.

Black states he immediately told the boy to remove himself from his property but when the teen allegedly ignored his request he being to spew racial slurs.

Sources have confirmed that the teen has stated that he pulled into the property to wait for his friends as they were traveling on foot from basketball practice and making their way home.

Black became furious after the teen didn’t leave and threatened to blow his head off as he made his way into his home. The teen alongside his friends were scared that Black was going to get a firearm and ran away from the property.

Reports read that Deputy District Attorney BJ Park has issued a statement noting that Black threatened to shoot the young teens, “ simply because they walked by his house and he didn’t like that and because of the victim’s race. The crime occurred because of the prejudicial and racist assumptions Mr.Black made because of the victims race.”

Police responded to the 911 call Black made pertaining to trespassing, it appears that there was a sign on his property but wasn’t made visible from the street.

Black has initially stated that the teen came onto his property with a knife and began arguing with him. Officials later identified that information to be false. Black shortly admitted to not being able to see well.

Aa time progressed and Black appeared in court he was found guilty on charges of menacing and second degree intimidation which falls under a hate crime within the state of Oregon.

Judge Steffan Alexander of Multnomah County Circuit issued Black three years probation and ordered him to write a direct apology letter to the teen, while completing a total of 150 hours of community service and to not possess any firearms.

Though Black apologized during the recent court hearing to the teen’s mom, it has been indicated that this situation has effected the teen as well as his family very deeply.

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