Lori Harvey Stumps Car Jackers In Attempt Auto Theft Incident!

Steve Harvey’s daughter #LoriHarvey was seconds away from being a victim of auto theft, however her quick and rational thinking not only saved her ride but also her life!

Lori had been returning to her #Atlanta apartment complex after making a run to a local Whole Foods Supermarket, reports TMZ. Sources have confirmed that the incident occurred shortly after Lori had parked her 2020 Rolls-Royce Cullinan within the lot of the complex.

Surveillance footage from the lot shows Lori walking to her trunk to retrieve a bag. That’s when an unidentified culprit slowly gawked at her from the other side of the vehicle and then hopped in the drivers seat. Lori then ran to the front of the vehicle within attempt to fight the culprit but was pushed back repeatedly.

Thinking fast Lori remembered that the car had the push to start feature and that she was still in possession of the keys. Without the keys being within the vehicle the car will not move. She is then shown walking away unbothered as the car jacker fumbled to start the vehicle. Further footage shows the culprit take the bag from the trunk and another culprit pull up in an alternate vehicle and they sped towards the exit from the lot.

Reports read that Lori sustained no injuries and declined medical treatment. The only items that were taken was the bag from the trunk. Atlanta officials are currently investigating the incident and searching for the unidentified suspects.

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