2020 Academy Awards Make History With Record Low Ratings!

The industry’s most elite and fashionable all stars made their marks upon the iconic red carpet Sunday evening within preparation for the 92nd Academy Awards. However, though everyone’s attire was on point, for the third consecutive year it appears that the shows ratings were not!

According to the New York Times, Sunday’s broadcast attained at total of 23.6 million viewers tuned into watch the festivities from the network of ABC. Sources have confirmed that compared to 2019 reports they’ve experienced a 20% drop of viewership. Also pinpointing that in 2018 the Academy experienced a whopping 3 million decrease in ratings.

It has been indicated that the reports do not include the tally of viewers who tuned into the show from live streaming platforms.
The network is currently researching the cause of the decline in viewers and wonder if it’s because they’ve decided against having an official host within the past few years. Also pinpointing that the 40 minutes worth of commercials could’ve played a major part.

Cousins what do you think the Academy is doing wrong?

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