Starz Power Finale Reveals Four Up And Coming Spinoffs!

#Cousins ; the time has officially arrived where we will finally be able to put a face and name behind the culprit responsible for shooting the beloved James St. Patrick ( Omari Hardwick ) also known as Ghost!

For weeks #StarzPower fans have been on edge as they’ve pulled together theories and clues to piece together the ultimate mystery of #WhoShotGhost? Though tonight marks the last and final episode of the six season series we are pleased to announce that the story will continue.

Within the 74 minute episode, the finale reveals a total of not one but four up and coming spinoffs inadvertently dedicated to some of our favorite characters. Power Book II: GhostPower Book III: Raising KananPower Book IV: Influence, and Power Book V: Force.

Unfortunately minimal details have been forwarded; as of right now show runners, directors and even actors have been kept extremely tight lipped. However we can confirm that Power Book II : Ghost will debut this summer staring legendary icons #MaryJBlidge and #MethodMan . With Power Book III : Raising Kanan will provide a background story upon Kanan Starks ( Curtis “50 cent” Jackson ( upbringing. We’re not fully clear with what chapters four “Influence” and five “ Force “will detail. We do believe actor #LarenzTate will provide a a political point of view of things as well as #JosephSikora ( Tommy Egan) from the life of a drug dealer.

Be sure to watch the last and final episode of Power on demand now or using the Starz app! Oh and most importantly NO SPOILERS!!

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