Lori Harvey Arrested After A Hit And Run Incident!

#LoriHarvey stepdaughter of comedian and mogul #SteveHarvey ; has had an interesting year to say the least and effortlessly it just keeps getting better!

#YahooNews reports Lori was arrested Sunday Oct.20th due to a single car accident. It has been indicated that she hit a parked car and attempted to flee the scene.

It wasn’t long before the Beverly Hills Police Department received a tip from an eye witness who was walking by at the time of the incident. The witness states Lori was texting and that’s what caused the accident, she goes on to say she saw Lori walk away from the scene immediately after it happen.


Reports read that Lori’s car was discovered on its side next to the park vehicle she hit located on Moreno Drive in Los Angeles. It has been stated that Lori was detained within distance of the area, she was arrested and released with a misdemeanor citation.

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