“ The Marathon Continues! “ Los Angeles Crips File To Trademark Nipsey Hussle Slogan!

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The senseless and devastating murder of #NipseyHussle has effectively touched the lives of millions within the past few months. His life and legacy motivated thousands of gang members to come together and put their differences to the side. Within efforts of joining forces to make assure that the marathon continues!

According to #TheGrio ; the Los Angeles Crips have taken action to honor Nipsey in a noble fashion. They’ve recently filed paperwork to trademark his legendary and motivational slogan The Marathon Continues. Sources have indicated that the Crips have already successfully come together to organize a liability company. Noting that the trademarking process is their next step.

As we all know Nipsey served as a member of the rolling 60’s Crips; and the name of the store he ran in South Los Angeles is named Marathon clothing store.  It has been stated that the Crips have interest to trademark the slogan within efforts to directly  honor Nipsey with the creation of a youth sports program. It has been stated that official paperwork was filed on May 16, which pertains accompanied details of services the program will offer. Consisting of, “arranging and conducting youth sports programs,” within efforts of “developing educational manuals for others in the field of community organizing, gang prevention” and “gang intervention.”

There has been no word or approval or disapproval from Nipsey’s Family as of yet.

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