R. Kelly Receives 11 New Charges Of Sexual Abuse And Assault!

Whelp #RandB recording artist and notorious child predator #Rkelly has recently received 11 new charges of sexual abuse and assault after a grand jury hearing held on Wednesday! 

According to #YahooNews ; the new charges have been directly derived from a Chicago Grand Jury hearing where alleged victims testified against Kelly. Sources have indicated that he has been charged with 11 counts of of sexual assault and sex abuse-related crimes.

Chicago tribune reporter Megan Crepeau posted multiple pictures after the hearing of the new charges placed against Kelly. The new charges consist of four counts of aggravated criminal sexual assault, which is identified as a class X felony. This specific category enforces a mandatory six to thirty year prison sentence if convicted. Not to mention the other long list of charges he’s currently dealing with.

Reports obtained from #TMZ states that numerous alleged victims testified upon a grand jury on Wednesday to state that members of Kelly’s camp assisted with travel arrangements to multiple underage girls move across the state lines upon his orders.

Since the premier of the #LifeTime docuseries Kelly’s deep dark decades worth of secrets have come to light. However no evidence has been forwarded as of yet to help keep Kelly in jail for more than a few days at a time.

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