The Revolutionary.



Born October. 2nd 1800 in South Hampton Virginia. Nat Turner was born into slavery, he lived the majority of his life upon the plantation of Virginia, and was ultimately sold amongst other plantations.  Unlike most enslaved African Americans, Nat was able attain the skills of reading and writing.

Nat later became a preacher and revolutionary leader of  other enslaved African Americans. He sought to implement drastic change from himself and his peers. Taking extreme measurements to see his plans of freedom follow through, Nat Turner was well known for assembling the most historical slave revolution the world has ever seen! Nat & his army of men and women constructed and executed an in-depth plan to stand up together against injustices place upon them and kill their slave owners. With over 55-65 dead; and over 6 weeks of hiding out under the title of a wanted fugitive; Nat Turner was later capture alongside others within his army and was dreadfully lynched at the young age of 31. 


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