Bronx High Schooler Commits Suicide After Being Bullied And Sexually Assaulted On The Day Of Her Death!

#Family we ask you to take this time to send love and light to the parents of a Bronx teen who was bullied for months and sexually assaulted on the day of her death. After reaching out to school officials on a multitude of occasions the young high schooler decided she just couldn’t take it anymore and ultimately committed suicide.

According to the #NYDailyNews ; Mya Vizcarrondo-Rios body was discovered completely broken on Feb. 28, 2019. It has been indicated that Mya jumped to her death from the 34th floor of her apartment building in which she lived, her back pack was still on her back. Mya’s dad Heriberto Rios was at home when he was notified of the horrific news, stating he thought she was in school at the time. 

Mr Rios tells local news of day of  his daughter’s death; indicating that she had left for school super excited about a performance she was apart of. He was later informed that while inside an unsupervised auditorium at Harry S. Truman High school Mya was sexually assaulted and forced by two male students to conduct oral sex on them. Prior to that day for as long as five months Mya endured vicious attacks of body shaming, having her hair pulled and being overall tormented. However, Mya initially didn’t suffer in silence states her dad. Despite not telling her parents of the horrific ordeal she notified her teachers, guidance counselor and principle Keri Alfano of the bullying. None of the school officials ever informed Mya’s parents. 

However one of Mya’s friends directly notified the school’s guidance counselor of the difference within behavior Mya exhibited. Though the guidance counselor evaluated Mya’s behavior; the law forwarded lawsuit reads; assessed [Mya] for any signs of physical or verbal abuse,” according to the lawsuit, which says “[f]ollowing this conversation…the guidance counselor, despite saying she would do so in [Mya’s] guidance review card, again failed to notify [Mya’s parents] that [Mya] was having problems at school so they could lookout for any harm [Mya] could cause herself including but in no way limited to acting on suicidal ideations.”


According to #ABCNews ; Mya left school early following the assault without authorization and wasn’t searched for by school officials. A forwarded lawsuit reads “If the representation that [Mya] was required to sign in at each class were true, her absence would have triggered a notification of the parents or a search as to [Mya’s] whereabouts and prevented her death.”

Mr. Rios states he was also never informed about the previous mountains of absences his daughter had taken from school. He had approached her once he noticed the drastic decline in her grades. “I asked what was going on,” Rios said. “She said she was having trouble, but she didn’t tell me she was being bullied. She didn’t tell me about this. I found out after she passed. The school never told me about the cutting ( of classes ) “.

Forwarded reports read that Mr. Rios and Mya’s heartbroken Mother Nelly Vizcarrondo have filed a lawsuit against the Education department and school administrators.

Lets continue to send love and prayers as the family seeks justice for their beloved angel. 

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