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Lil Baby’s ‘For The People Foundation’ To Teach Music Lessons At Select HBCUs!

Cousins! Lil Baby alongside his recently launched nonprofit ‘For The People Foundation‘ is gearing up to introduce music classes at select Historically Black Colleges and Universities soon!

In conversation with XXL the rapper and businessman spoke on a series of projects that he is currently working on, while explaining how he plans to help bring the world together through music.

“I teamed up with someone else and we’re going to open up a music class in different HBCUs,” Lil Baby said to the outlet. “It’s definitely going to be something super, super big. And it’s actually going to roll out, like, everywhere.”

He added, “I’m going to do some things with Apple and different services and stuff, so you’ll definitely see it.”

Amongst his long line of upcoming and newly debuted projects, the 28-year-old partnered up with AXE to launch a forgiveness program on TikTok labeled ” Logne Forgiveness”

The program allows customers and social media users a chance to receive direct cash app payments in full refund costs of previously bought colognes and purchasing of their newly debuted fragrances, reports Hip Hop DX.

“Launching on AXE’s TikTok, ‘Logne Forgiveness will be a three-week campaign where AXE fans simply need to drop their Cash App in the comments on the ‘Logne Forgiveness posts for a chance to win up to a $150 refund,” reports the outlet.

“One thing I’ve learned is that your price tag doesn’t define your worth,” says Lil Baby. “Y’all can smell just as fine with the new AXE and keep building your cash in the meantime. That’s how you do it when you’re the GOAT.”

Lil Baby is currently on tour as he’s set to perform a total of twenty-four cities in the next couple of months. His supporting acts include Glo’Rilla, Hunxho and rising artist Rylo, reports Blavity.

“Touring is super important to me,” Lil Baby said. “At first, I didn’t really understand it, but as I continue to tour and, my tours continue to get bigger and bigger, and it’s more profitable and gives my fans a better experience. Touring is definitely a main part that you don’t want to miss. But a lot of artists do miss it, I see. Touring is definitely one of those steps you don’t want to miss.”

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