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Isley Brothers Registered Trademark Battle Possibly Headed To Trial!

Cousins! The Isley Brothers’ ongoing legal battle surrounding an official trademark of their beloved group name has possibly landed them a first-class ticket to court!

According to reports from Pitchfork, the entire ordeal began earlier this year as Rudolph Isley issued a lawsuit against his brother Ronald Isley, upon claims that he attempted to register the trademark of their joined group name of The Isley Brothers

Obtained court documents detail that Rudolph is currently arguing that the two siblings should share rights to the name equally and not individually.

On the other hand, Ronald has stated that official rights to the ‘Isley Brothers were of free will since their eldest brother and group founder O’Kelly Isley Jr. passed away in 1986. Since his passing both Rudolph and Ronald have built a partnership however, within recent years the two have decided to dissolve their joint efforts.

“Rudolph Isley first sued Ronald Isley earlier this year, seeking a full accounting and a payment from Ronald equaling 50 percent of the proceeds made from the Isley Brothers name,” reports PitchFork. “In November 2021, Ronald submitted an application to the United States Patent and Trademark Office seeking exclusive rights to “The Isley Brothers” trademark. The USPTO officially registered the trademark in August 2022.”

Judge Thomas M. Durkin has stated on Wednesday, August 23rd that he hopes that the two brothers can resolve their issues through mediation or another form of settlement. He also notes that failure to do so will result in the two ultimately heading to trial.

Ronald has issued a forward motion for the lawsuit to be dismissed, in which Judge Durkin has denied.

It has been stated that Rudolph has been encouraged by Judge Durkin’s refusal to dismiss the case.

“Rudolph Isley is encouraged by the court’s decision denying his brother’s motion to dismiss his complaint,” Brian D. Caplan, an attorney for Rudolph Isley, said to Pitchfork in a written statement.

“Mr. Isley looks forward to obtaining a declaration confirming his 50% ownership interest in the band name ‘The Isley Brothers,’ with respect to the band that he formed with his two brothers, Ronald and O’Kelly, in 1954.”

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