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Angry Subway Rider Wanted By NYPD, After Using A Metal Pipe To Break MTA Operator’s Teeth For Waking Him Up!

Cousins! The New York Police Department is currently searching for a Subway rider who brutally attacked an MTA operator with a pipe for waking him up as he slept on a suspended train.

According to reports from PIX 11 News, the incident occurred on Sunday night around 11:45 PM on a Northbound C train in the 168th Street subway station, in the Washington Heights area of Manhattan.

NYPD officials state that the MTA operator had been clearing out carts of passengers at the station, as the train had gone out of service.

The 37-year-old is said to have awoken a sleeping passenger, instructing him that the train was being suspended for service and that he would have to exit. Reports read that the male passenger responded by verbally attacking him and telling him,” Call the police, they know me.”

It has been stated that the subway rider ultimately picked up his items and began to tussle with the worker as he is said to have pulled out a box cutter and then a metal pipe. He is said to have then used the pipe to bust the MTA worker in the mouth.

The MTA operator was taken to a local hospital where he was treated for two broken teeth which resulted in a total 0f 15 stitches.

New York Police officials are actively searching for the subway attacker as he is said to have run out of the station following the incident.

“We are seeing more police officers in the subway system, which is a good thing, but we’re also seeing the same people get arrested repeatedly, only to get released and come right back to the stations, trains, and platforms, where they again are a threat. Elected officials, judges, prosecutors, and mental health officials must do much more. This is unacceptable,” said Richard Davis, president of Transport Workers Union Local 100, said in a statement.

Cousins, if you or anyone you know has any information on this incident police officials encourage you to contact Crime Stoppers at 1-800-577-TIPS ( 8477) or visit

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