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Beloved Dancer O’Shae Sibley Tragically Stabbed To Death At Brooklyn Gas Station After Voguing!

Cousins! New York City Police officials are currently investigating the tragic death of an openly gay professional dancer at a local gas station in Brooklyn!

According to ABC News, O’Shae Sibley had been enjoying his time with friends listening and dancing to Beyonce at a local gas station. Reports read that he has just finished pumping gas and voguing when he was then confronted by a group aggressively yelling homophobic slurs.

“Got out the car, dancing a bit, once again, they both Vogue and were probably Voguing and just probably presenting very feminine,” said Sibley’s friend of 13 years, Kemar Jewel.

Reports read that the incident was captured on surveillance footage. Initially, the situation had been de-escalated however it has been stated that words were exchanged again and that suspect pulled out a knife and fatally stabbed O’Shae.

“He had a problem with them dancing, he wanted them to stop dancing, and he started arguing with them. And then after a few fights and back and forth arguing, he pulled out a knife and stabbed him,” witness Sayeda Haider said.

According to NBC News a video posted to Facebook shows a man named Otis Pena recounting the tragic incident, “They killed him right in front of me,” Pena said. “I see him wobbling and I had to run to him and hold his wound as blood is dripping on my hands, as blood is on my clothes.”

The NYPD is currently searching for a 17 year old suspect at this time as no arrests have been. “ We will find the person responsible,” says Mayor Eric Adamas.

“O’Shae was the type of person you could never be sad around,” Jewel said. “O’Shae is funny. He’s goofy. He goes out of the way to make you smile, to go above and beyond just to make people happy.”

Online users and celebrities have taken to social media following O’Shae’s tragic death, including Spike Lee who posted a tribute on Instagram along with a caption that read “Rest in Power.”

Beyoncé also paid tribute to the 28 year old on her website with a message that read,” REST IN POWER O’SHAE SIBLEY”

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