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Reportedly New ‘No-Quit Policy’ At McDonald’s Restaurant Sparks Outrage Amidst Staffing Shortages!

-Jasmine Dyer-

Cousins! Looks like there’s no stopping Mickey D’s! A viral photo shows an unidentified McDonald’s location has hung up a sign prohibiting employees from quitting after many restaurants are experiencing tremendous staffing shortages.

The Twitter post shows a yellow sign stating, “This is a no-quit restaurant,” it then describes the terms for implementing this policy. It says, “Because we feel that many situations can be resolved. It is the policy that an employee cannot quit until he or she talks to the Restaurant Manager or Area supervisor.” The sign also adds, “We value you, your growth, and your contributions.”

It hasn’t been confirmed where the restaurant with the plastered sign is located. Yet, it has faced much criticism from viewers who feel that it violates the “at-will employment” law, which allows an employer to fire an employee for any reason besides discrimination but also protects every person’s right to quit whenever necessary. This newly implemented policy would disregard employees’ rights, reports Black Enterprise.

Numerous social media users took to Twitter to express their outrage at this image. “How do you even enforce this? If an employee says, “I quit,” then refuses to ever return to this location, what do they honestly think they can do?” A woman tweeted.

Cousins, would you talk to management or pull a no-show?

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