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Update: 11 Year Old Boy That Fatally Shot His Mother After She Declined To Buy Him A Virtual Headset; Scheduled To Stand Trial As An Adult!

Cousins! Wisconsin officials have issued an update surrounding the tragic murder of a mother at the hands of her son after she declined in purchasing him a virtual game set!

The Milwaukee Sentinel Journal reports that the 11-year-old boy charged with the gruesome murder of his mother Quiana Mann will be tried as an adult as a judge has ruled him competent to take the stand. Documents obtained by the other declare that the young boy whose identity has not been released publicly due to his age, has been evaluated by two Milwaukee psychologists before Circuit Court Judge Jane Carroll’s rendering.

It has been stated that each psychologist concluded on two different decisions of if the boy fully understood the severity of the crime or the charges he’s against.

The young boy’s lawyer is said to have expressed to Judge Carroll she did not believe he would be able to assist in the defense. In response the judge deemed him prepared to stand trial as an adult, indicating that the boy had not received a “major mental diagnosis” at the time of his mother’s murder. She said that he had demonstrated an ability to comprehend and learn what was happening around him.

Per Fox News, Milwaukee County prosecutor Sara Waldschmidt told the judge that the child “knew his case was in adult court, that he knew his case was a felony, he knew that there were two types of cases—felonies and misdemeanors and he knew it was serious.”

As we previously reported the tragic incident took place on November 21st within the 87th and Hemlock streets area. According to WISN, officials identified the case as being accidental and that the 10 year old boy was playing with the gun when it suddenly went off killing 44 year old Quiana.

The boy’s 26 year old sister informed police that he had rage issues his entire life. She explains that he had been seeing a therapist who previously detailed that the boy has a concerning diagnosis. “ He becomes very angry and acts out.”

Quiana is said to have set up cameras around the house prior to her passing. However all those cameras are said to have been unplugged.

The sister also shared with investigators that the day after the shooting her brother logged into his mother’s Amazon account and ordered the headset he was previously denied.

She says that he never cried or showed any emotion after the tragic incident he only said, “ I’m really sorry for what happened. I’m sorry for killing my mom.” He then is said to have asked in the same breath if his Amazon package had arrived.

The boy was taken in for questioning a second time where he revealed alarming details of what really happened that day. The 10 year old said that his mother would not allow him to have something from Amazon. He says the night before the deadly incident he took his mother’s keys for the gunlock.

An issued complaint reads, “ He went to the basement and took up a shooting stance. He admired knowing that guns can kill people. “

According to Law and Crime, in the state of b Wisconsin, children as young as 10 can be charged as adults for certain severe crimes including first-degree intentional homicide, first-degree reckless homicide and attempted first-degree intentional homicide.

The 11 year old is being on a $50,000 cash bail at the Vel R. Phillips Juvenile Justice Center. A preliminary is scheduled for September 5.

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