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Burger King Debuts Meat Only Burger; The “Real Meat Burger”

Cousins! Burger King is back at it again with the back at it again as they debut another summer signature sandwich consisting of meat patties only!

As we previously reported the fast food chain broke the internet with the release of the ‘Real Cheese Burger’ available exclusively in Thailand. The sandwich consists of twenty slices of reportedly processed American cheese and two bread buns.

In efforts of upping the playing field Burger King in Thailand is now offering a real treat for meat lovers. According to the New York Post, the real meat burger comes with three meat patties no pickles, lettuce, ketchup, cheese, or onions. It has been stated that customers can add as many additional Patties as their hearts desire for an additional fee.

The real meat burger is available only in Thailand at this time. The basic three meat patty runs for 339 baht ( $9.79 ) additional patties cost 100 baht, roughly $2.89 each.

A Thai food blogger has kicked things off and purchased a 100-patty tower costing him 10,039 baht ( $291.51)

It has been stated that the newly released sandwich began as a requested item from customers in response to the real cheeseburger.

Burger King Thailand has been keeping its ears to the social media streets as they think up its next concoction solely based on one burger topping, “real pickle burger,” “real tomato burger,” “real onion burger,” “real lettuce burger” and “real bun burger.”

Cousins, should Burger King bring the meat treat to the States or leave it over seas?

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