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John Amos Son Arrested For Terroristic Threats Reportedly Directed At His Sister!

Cousins! Following a continuous battle amongst beloved actor John Amos’ children, his son Kelly K.C Amos has been arrested following claims of deadly domestic threats directed towards his sister Shannon!

According to a complaint obtained by TMZ, the 52-year-old was arrested on Saturday within the West Orange area of New Jersey upon claims that he had threatened to, ” Kill Shannon Amos with the purpose to put her in imminent fear of death.’

It has been stated that Shannon believes in “the immediacy of the threat and the likelihood that it would be carried out.”

Sources share that Shannon issued claims that K.C. will kill her after he reportedly forwarded her terroristic threats along with a video of him letting off a handgun in a text shown to authorities. “Gonna sleep much better tonight big sis” reads a message attached to a photo of a handgun.

📸: K.C Amos mugshot

Another photo of a rifle was captioned, “that big one can clean a turkey out from 3 football fields away.”

According to a spokesperson for the Essex County Prosecutor’s Office Robert Florida, Shannon has shared claims that K.C. suffers from bipolar disorder—which she has expressed led him to believe that she hired someone to kill him.

Shannon tells authorities that she is afraid K.C might retaliate.

Last month K.C captioned a TikTok video with a cryptic caption that read, “Imagine calling the police #Swatting your own brother 24 times over the last 15 years & not one arrest.”

As we previously reported Shannon created a GoFundMe campaign in June on behalf of her dad while issuing claims that he was a victim of elder abuse and was being extorted. In response John denied her claims and the campaign shut down.

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