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Louis Vuitton Inspired Bag The Size Of A Grain Of Salt Sells For Nearly $64,000!

Cousins! In today’s news of things we can’t make up or honestly wrap our minds around, the MSCHF brand has succeeded in selling a Louis Vuitton-inspired bag the size of a grain of salt for almost $64,000!

Well known for their exaggerated items such as the Big Red Boots or Lil Nas X’s controversial blood-infused sneakers, the MSCHF brand has continued in creating accessories that ultimately break the internet. Their Microscopic handbag inspired by Louis Vuitton’s OnTheGo tote has most definitely followed suit.

According to HYPEBEAST, the ant-sized bag measures 657 by 222 by 700 micrometers. MSCHF chief creative officer Kevin Wiesber says the bag’s design was inspired by the circulated notion that luxury handbags often shrink in size throughout time. He explains that luxury bags use to be utilized as functional as possible but are now only used to show off as a meaningless accessory.

The micro tote was auctioned off on Pharrell William’s platform of JOOPITER last week with the bidding war concluding on Tuesday. The bag’s new owner is said to have spent a total of $63,750 dollars.

Sources state members from the MSCHF creative team approached several different industrial manufacturers that specialize in biotechnology. Ultimately, the bag was created through a microscopic using 3D printing.

The final product arrives within a sealed gel case installed under a microscope alongside a digital display, this allows it’s buyer to view the tote in full.

Cousins, would y’all spend your coins on this micro-sized tote?

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