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John Legend And Chrissy Teigen Welcome A Baby Boy By Surrogacy!

Cousins! Chrissy Teigen took to social media earlier this week to speak on motherhood and the journey of having another child this time through surrogacy. Alongside her husband John Legend , Chrissy reveals that they’ve recently welcomed a baby boy!

Within a series of photographs posted to Instagram, Chrissy penned a heartwarming note surrounding the birth of their son, their family, and healing from their pregnancy loss in 2020. “For as long as I can remember, I’ve always wanted four children.”

Chrissy wrote, “After losing Jack, I didn’t think I’d be able to carry any more babies on my own,” going on to say that “during that time, … one clear memory is being surrounded by people who wanted to make sure I wouldn’t go through that pain and loss again.”

She revealed that two years ago back in 2021 is when they initially began looking into surrogacy in effort of expanding their family. Chrissy says they connected with an agency to see if they could, “perhaps having 2 tandem surrogates, to each bring us a healthy baby boy or girl. Twins, kinda?!”

“At some point, early in our surrogacy journey, I came out of a therapy session, walked downstairs and said to John – I want to try to carry just one more time.” Chrissy said, “If it doesn’t work, we will be okay. We’ve already seen the worst.”

“I promised I would be okay no matter what happened. I remember saying I just couldn’t go on wondering my whole life if I should have tried again.”

She says that she and John began the IVF process, “the same process that gave us our beautiful Luna and Miles.”

Within her Instagram post the 37-year-old applauds their surrogate Alexandra, “she was a perfect match for us the moment we spoke to her.”

“As we crept toward the safe zone of my own pregnancy, we were overjoyed to learn Alexandra had become pregnant with a little boy. Our little boy,” she wrote.

Chrissy honored Alexandra and the bond they share as a family in naming their son Wren Alexander Stephens. She says they’ll forever be connected.

John and Chrissy youngest now join their children Luna 7, Miles, 5, and Esti, 6 months. The two endured a devastating loss back in 2020 following the passing of their baby boy.

“Our hearts, and our home, are officially full. And to our Jack, we know both their angel kisses are from you.”

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