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Update: Autopsy Reveals Olympic Medalist Tori Bowie Passed Away Following Complications From Childbirth!

Cousins! Devastating updates have been issued following the shocking passing of three-time Olympic medalist Tori Bowie as reports confirm that she died of complications due to childbirth!

According to CBS News, The Orange County Medical Examiner’s Office autopsy reports detail that Tori was eight months pregnant and at home alone when she went into labor. Sadly she is said to not have been actively performing home birth when her daughter began to arrive. The issued report cited “possible complications” along with respiratory distress and eclampsia as her cause of death.

Tori’s agent Kimberly Holland confirms that the track star’s daughter didn’t survive and that in their last conversation before her passing they had been making plans to prepare for the baby’s arrival.

Eclampsia described as a rare high blood pressure complication that can cause seizures in women before or after labor.

“I can only imagine now how that must have been,” Kimberly said. “Painful. It hurts. Also to know that there’s no baby.”

As per CBS, she says that Tori didn’t trust hospitals. “ She wanted to make sure that the baby was gonna be okay with her being in control,” says Kimberly.

As we previously reported, the 32-year-old’s lifeless body was discovered in her Florida apartment back in May. It has been indicated that local police had been conducting a wellness check at the time after her family stated they hadn’t heard from her in a few days.

Tori’s tragic death serves as unwarranted reality for many Black women within the United States as alarming reports confirm that African American women die during or after childbirth at higher rates than any other race. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention state that Black women are reportedly die from pregnancy related complications.

“There are systemic barriers that we face in regard to racism, sexism and income inequality, and that shows up in our healthcare system,” said Dr. Regina Davis Moss, president and CEO of In Our Own Voice: National Black Women’s Reproductive Justice Agenda.

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