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Joseline Hernandez Arrested And Charged Following Backstage Beatdown!

( 📸: TMZ )

Cousins! The Puerto Rican princess also known as Joseline Hernandez got her hands dirty this weekend following a brutal brawl backstage at the Floyd Mayweather and John Gottti III exhibition!

According to reports from the New York Post chaos broke out backstage between Joseline and rapper Big Lex on Sunday June 11th at the FLA Live Arena in Sunrise, Fla.

Widely circulated video clips show Joseline placing the 26-year-old in a headlock and then proceeding to hit her with multiple haymakers within the back hallway areas of the arena. As the video proceeds The former Love & Hip Hop star’s husband Balistic steps in to break up the fight but fell short.

It’s unclear how long the fight carried on as a person recording the incident claims security was no where to be found. He can be heard within the video saying, “Hey man somebody stop that s–t,. Hey hey, stop that girl man. She’s killing that girl… They are letting this girl beat the f–k out of this girl.”

He also can be heard saying, “ “This girl fighting every mother f–king body in here, man. Joseline her name is. Joseline Hernandez is fighting everybody in this b–ch.”

The fight continued as Lex breast became exposes to bystanders.

Video clips also show Joseline yelling in multiple individuals’ faces after the fight had been stopped as different men grabbed her, pulled her hair, tossed drinks in her direction, and more.

Reports read that there’s been no exact indication of what started the fight but that obvious tension had risen between the two women while they were backstage.

Joseline had performed before the incident,as she was listed as one of the Zeus network event entertainers.

The 36-year-old was arrested early Monday morning and is currently facing a long list of charges including, four different charges, including of trespassing and battery.

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