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Anita Baker Reportedly Drops Babyface From Tour Following Claims Of Online Harassment, Threats Of Violence And Cyber-Bullying From His Alleged Fans!

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Cousins! Legendary singer Anita Baker has decided to make a few major changes for her upcoming ‘Songstress’ tour dates following reports that she has officially dropped Babyface as her special guest/supporting act!

According to USA TODAY, Babyface confirmed the update on Monday that Anita had decided to cut ties with him. In a forwarded statement he shared that he was, “saddened by the news.”

“It’s unfortunate and disheartening to see how things have played out via social media,” Babyface shared. “While I was looking forward to the rest of the dates, I have nothing but love & respect for Anita and I wish her the best for the remainder of her tour.”

Reports read that the Grammy award winning singer and songwriter had been dropped from tour after Anita continued to receive negative comments from Babyface’s fans throughout social media. As we previously reported issues arised after Babyface was unable to perform at a May 10th tour stop at the Prudential Center. The 64 year old stated on Instagram that he wasn’t able to take the stage due to technical difficulties that led to a late start, therefore in order for Anita to perform her full set he was asked not to.

Following word of Babyface’s performance being pulled, celebrities and social media users online began to criticize Anita’s motives.

Despite further clarification on behalf of Babyface’s pulled performance toPEOPLE, that his set was cut due to an issue with the production team and their inability to have a video projection screen up and running on time for his performance, social media users are said to continously bash Anita.

“Some of his fans, are not accepting of the reality, that he is contracted, as special guest support, on My Tour. Some even want to hurt me… Crazyyyy. Town,” wrote the 65 year old.

Anita also clarified within a June 6th dated tweet, “special guest/support act, on my tour. This false narrative of a co-headliner is creating unrealistic expectations and aggression from his fans towards me. He should tell you guys the Truth.”

It has been stated that both singers had fallen out nearly twenty years ago after Babyface sued Anita back in 2006. She declares that they’ve been able to move forward from their legal issues and that there was no hint of bad blood shared between them.

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