Florida Woman That Spent $9,000 On Veneers Says They Fell Off One By One A Night After The Procedure!

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Cousins! A marketing manger seeking to rock a fresh set of picture perfect pearly whites is sincerely regretting her decision of undergoing a popular cosmetic procedure that not only ran her thousands of dollars, but also caused the growth of bacteria between her gums and deconstructed in less than 24 hours!

Grace Fewell says that her veneers didn’t last any where near as long as they were suppose to. The Tampa, Florida native says she noticed teeth began to pop out the following day after her procedure, as she ate and when she slept. She claims that the dentist improperly placed the porcelain teeth on top of her natural teeth.

“If you’re trying to chase the new TikTok trend, you should really be thankful for what you are given because your body has so many functions that you don’t even realize are important,” says Grace.

She also says that her veneers were yellow and began to smell bad due to the growth of bacteria in between the gaps of her teeth.

Veneers have become popular in the last decade as celebrities and influencers can be seen across social media rocking newly structure teeth.

The dental procedure consists of a patient’s natural teeth being shaved down as a new set of porcelain made teeth are each glued on one by one. According to reports from The Insider, the procedure can not be reversed and is said to last between 15 to 20 years. It has been stated that many individuals travel overseas to have the procedure done at a cheaper cost.

The 25 year old says she underwent extensive research before moving forward with the procedure. She says that she combed through their Yelp reviews and that everything apparently checked out. “I was ambitious, I just started a new job,” said Grace. “I was ready to achieve this look that I was going for, so I went ahead and gave him the thumbs up to start.”

She noticed upon her arrival that the dentist didn’t take any photos of her original teeth to determine the accurate size or shape of her desired veneers. Grace also declared that within the 3 1/2 hour procedure the doctor repeatedly left the room to check in on other patients.

Grace revealed that she was disappointed but that final look. “I left the office and was not super happy.”

Grace says one of the veneer’s on her right canine fell off as she was eating tofu. The following day she details that she had woken up with another veneer that had seemingly fallen off into her mouth while sleeping. The next day another one broke loose.

Grace says she immediately returned to the dentist office for her teeth to be corrected as she communicated what had transpired.

Grace says though the dentist glued her veneers back on they continued to come loose. “I thought to myself, ‘What have I done? I’m 25 years old, this should not be happening, I felt like I had no control because I had no idea how to fix this.”

For the next few months Grace says she stayed home and stand clear of her friends and family out of depression and embarrassment. “I basically just sat inside on the couch,” she said. “It really made me sad and depressed, and nasty and reclusive since I didn’t want to see anyone at all.”

Thankfully a few months later she connected with a new dentist that assisted with her cosmetic nightmare.

Following an official consultation the new dentist suggested Grace start over again. Reports read that within a 4 1/2 hour procedure he took measurements and pictures of her teeth, consulted with her on the size as well as the color she wanted and delivered a picture perfect smile.

“I was basically able to go home that day and eat chips for the first time in like five months,” said Grace. “I was in awe that I was just able to do that.”

Grace ended up paying $9,403 for her final set of veneers. It has been stated that her previous set cost $8,950. She got a full refund after notifying the original dentist that she had obtained legal counsel.

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