Damson Idris Reveals That He Did Not Shower And Kept A Flask On Hand To Help Him Prepare For ‘SnowFall’ Finale!

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Cousins! The South central, Los Angeles saga of ‘Snowfall’ has officially closed its final chapter. With an explosive and twisted ending that fans honestly never saw coming, it makes things that much more difficult to say good bye to the beloved characters we’ve followed over a cliff for the last six years!

In an exclusive interview with Deadline, the man of the hour Damson Idris spoke on his legendary role as Franklin Saint while revealing different techniques he used to connect to his character’s final performance.

“His final moments were incredibly challenging. There was a fatherhood connection there, which I connected to personally so it was deeply emotional for me,” said Damson.

Much like Franklin’s father Alton, the final scenes show him as a homeless alcoholic roaming the streets of Los Angeles reminiscing on a life he once had intertwined with conspiracy theories. “Franklin’s connection to his father and his becoming an alcoholic was incredibly difficulty.”

Damson revealed that, “Behind the scenes, I had a little flask with me that no one knew about. I would touch it with my lips just to have the taste.

“I’ll also admit that I didn’t shower. Luckily I wasn’t disrupting anyone with any odors,” Damson joked.

In the final episode we jump two years ahead into the 90s era with Franklin’s mother Cissy portrayed by Michael Hyatt, in jail for what we assume for life after murdering Teddy McDonald ( Carter Hudson ) in broad daylight within episode 9. Leon and Wanda create a new life for themselves traveling in between Ghana and L.A while aunt Louie remains on the run from federal authorities.

Despite the tragic ending fans deeply enjoyed the homage paid to the show’s creator John Singleton as it was thoughtfully added in the series final moments to show the making of the legendary film ‘Boyz N The Hood’

“If you think about it in some ways, Snowfall is a little bit of a prologue to Boyz, and how the neighborhood got to the point you experience in the film,” series co-creator Dave Andron.

“We did jump forward in time a number of years and we didn’t put an actual date on it but the newspapers that Leon steps on the street are from September 1990, which was when John started filming Boyz in the Hood. It was very intentional to drop back into that moment in time to pick up that story where John picked it up with the movie. That was a little tip of the hat to him.”

Following the series official wrap up fans have taken to social media to applaud Damson’s performance and demand he is recognized by the academy for his acting skills.

“ Damson Idris deserves every single award possible for his performance in Snowfall. That ending was powerful, tragic yet eerily realistic. Franklin Saint will go down as a forever classic character in a forever classic show.,” reads a tweet.

“ Not up for discussion, Damson Idris is the best actor out right now. He deserves an Oscar, Emmy, or what ever other awards they give out lol. The range he showed in snowfall was crazy. Hats off fr fr #snowfall,” wrote a social media user.

Damson also spoke about the fond moments he shared with John and how his talent in story telling helped educate himself personally as well as viewers of the 80s era.

“My favorite moments were my time with John Singleton, building the character and discovering the world and just educating myself on the era.

“So many people didn’t know about certain things related to the crack epidemic,” said Damson. “You look at the laws that came from it, the bias and the Clinton administration and so many things that impacted Black people in this country. It was amazing to understand that history.”

Cousins, are you going to miss the 80s saga? What are some of your favorite Snowfall moments?

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