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Blue Face Hints At Chrisean Rock Being Mentally Unfit For Motherhood!

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Cousins! Blueface is speaking out with his own personal objections of his estranged girlfriend Chrisean Rock being pregnant with his child. While breaking down how he carefully and strategically chooses who he decides to have children with Blue explains that he does not believe Chrisean is mentally stable to be a mother!

“I got 2 kids an 1 bm for a reason I don’t just have kids with anybody I’m real particular about the women I have children with I don’t play about my kids an their well being nurture an care rock don’t even take care of me like a women should an I’m a grown man imagine a new born,” reads a tweet from Blue.

“ B***h at the club every night shaking a** pregnant I promise It’s been a no for me” he continued.

“Rock has only had one abortion by me idk y she keep saying 3,4,5 y’all remember the first pregnancy stick she post right line was faint as hell lying ass she has showed plenty of signs of dis honesty for kicks an giggles imagine what she lies about on a bigger scale🧠 “

“ Cock blocking while you pregnant is crazy work Lmao that was the last red flag for me 🤣”

With today being her 23rd birthday we would expect for Chrisean to be turning up amongst friends, however she shares that her and Blue’s current state is taking a deeper toll on her.

Earlier this afternoon the Baltimore native took to social media to state that Blue is purposely trying to hurt her she also revealed that she is contemplating getting an abortion. Chrisean can be heard saying,“ I can’t be pregnant and this n**** cheating.”

She shared a message within her Instagram story that read,

really don’t know where
this fake hate come from
Just chill fr.
haven’t really did nothing
but ramble on live which
offended u so u just went
left like honestly leave me
alone stop being weird I’m
having da baby n soon this
all gon pass but rn stop
trynna drag so hard for

The couple has been having an exchange of indirect words on social media over the course of the last couple of days with them both accusing on another of cheating.

It’s unclear of when things began to as we assumed the couple would be in bliss right now seeing how Chrisean’s baby bump is beginning to show.

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