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7 Months Pregnant Chicago Woman Shot To Death After Attempting To Rob A Group Of Drug Dealers!

Cousins! A Chicago woman approaching the final stages of her pregnancy was recently shot and killed following an attempted robbery incident turned fatal!

According to the New York Post the tragic incident occurred early afternoon on March 6th within the residential Northwest area of the city. Chicago police officials state that 21 year old Genesis Escobar and her boyfriend had plotted to rob a series of men described as drug dealers.

Reports read that it was long before the couple’s plan began to unravel as Genesis climbed into a parked vehicle around 1PM within the Belmont Cragin neighborhood. That is when the series of men began shooting at her. It has been stated that she was shot in her shoulder, back and hand. The gunmen are said to have dumped her body and tossing a pile of cash over her body before speeding off says an eye witness.

In a matter of seconds Genesis boyfriend is said to have grabbed the cash from on top of her wounded body and fled the scene. Sadly she had been left alone on the floor gasping for air as she bled out.

Moments later Gensis was rushed to a nearby hospital by local officials where she was later pronounced dead. Her daughter also fell victim to the tragic shooting and died as well.

The young mother is said to have been arrested numerous times in the last few years. She was currently on probation for an issued misdemeanor battery conviction due to an indictment based off a felony count of possession of a stolen car, report the Sun-Times show.

Genesis had also previously racked up countless charges surrounding retail theft and drug possession which have all been dropped.

Officials state that the gunmen are still at large. There’s been no word as of yet if her boyfriend has been brought in for questioning.

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