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Mercedes Benz Allegedly Found In Connection To Young Dolph’s Murder, Reportedly Linked In Other Homicides!

-Angelot Ndongmo-


Young Dolph’s ongoing murder investigation offers potential clues into not only who the perpetrators are but also an additional homicide case!

In recent reports Memphis police have located a Mercedes Benz, that looks very similar to the vehicle used as the getaway car in the recent tragedy.

It has been indicated that the same vehicle may possibly be connected to an additional murder that took place earlier this month that left one woman dead and another injured.

Reports from the NY Post reads: Evidence found in the car tied it to a Nov. 12 shooting in the city of Covington that left one woman dead and another injured. In the Covington shooting, the driver of the Mercedes followed another car out of a high school football game,

When the cars were stopped at an intersection, two men exited the Mercedes and opened fire at the other car, striking the two women.

Revolt TV says the police confirmed with the media that a white Mercede Benz was found, in a South Memphis neighborhood called Orange Mound, on Saturday, November 20.

The car appeared to be in great condition and was towed away from a residential home, just 3 miles away from where Dolph was gunned down and murdered. Nothing official has been confirmed with respect to the home’s owner, and whether they have been questioned by police or taken into custody.

The cops suspect the vehicle may have been left there promptly after the shooting, however it has yet to be confirmed that it is in fact the assailants’ vehicle used in Dolph’s assassination.

They had previously released an image of the vehicle and were relying on the public’s help. Though three men have been arrested and charged in a shooting during a memorial in Young Dolph’s honor, no official arrests have been made as yet that are directly related to his murder.

The wanted gunmen removed a beacon of light from the Orange Mound community. Hot New Hip Hop shared this was a community Dolph heavily invested in. Filmmaker and podcaster Tim Jackson shared his love for the slain rapper on his Instagram:

“Damn! @youngdolph rarely rapped about his real estate portfolio, but he owned over 100 properties in Memphis. He also purchased a foreclosure for his children every year for their birthdays. He told me this himself when we met. I admired this about him and even challenged him to rap more about this side of his hustle.”

Jackson ended with words of wisdom “The streets don’t love NOBODY! That’s why it’s important to provide alternatives to the streets every chance we get. Always remember that.”

Just a couple of days before his untimely death, the entrepreneur used his personal time to reconnect with his community and give thanks. He visited a cancer center to thank the staff for their compassion; given towards one of his own relatives who sought treatment there, abc news reported. The Cancer Center released a statement:

“Our associates were deeply touched by his sincerity and effort to extend such gratitude. During his visit, Dolph explained that he would soon venture to donate turkeys to the Memphis community at a variety of community centers across the city before Thanksgiving — which is yet another testament to his gracious heart.”

Then on that fateful day, the Memphis native was out getting his favorite cookies, supporting a black owned cookie business, when he was killed indiscriminately in the same streets that raised him. Black Enterprise shared he is survived by his girlfriend, Mia Jaye who is the mother of his two children.

Cousins, what is your favorite memory of Young Dolph, whether it’s his music, or simply from what you have learned about the legacy left behind? Comment below.

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