Father Of 3 Receives Fatal Shot To The Head During Traffic Stop By Texas Police!

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#Cousins ; please join us as we send our prayers and condolences to a family left heartbroken as they search for answers as to why their loved one was killed in murdered during a routine traffic stop?

Micheal Dean, 28 was pronounced dead on Monday Dec.2nd around 8PM, near Southeast HK Dodgen Loop and Little River Road after being pulled over by a Temple Police Officer; reports the Temple Daily Gram.

“If my son was in the wrong, so be it,” says Michael’s mother Christine Dean to local news on Wednesday. “But why is he dead? He didn’t deserve to be shot down. Nobody can give me answers. If he was in the wrong there would a whole story out there, wouldn’t there?”

Sources have confirmed that Police officials have been extremely tight lipped with supporting details of the incident. Christine states that a total of 5 hours had passed before her family was ever notified that Michael was dead. Reports read that the shooting took place at exactly 8:15PM and Michael was pronounced dead at 8:26PM. She wasn’t informed her son was killed until roughly 1:30AM the next day.

“Temple has washed their hands of it. We’re told to contact the Texas Rangers,” Christine states. She also states that the Texas Rangers told her that Michael didn’t pull over when stopped by the officer and that when he finally did he bag to approach him and that’s when he was shot.

“Things just don’t add up. He knows not to get out of a car when he’s pulled over. And people said they saw the police officer pull him (Michael) out of the car,” she said.

The officer responsible for killing Michael hasn’t yet been identified, it’s been stated that he has a total of 9 years with the police force. As of Tuesday the entire investigation has been turned-over to the Texas Rangers and the Bell County District Attorney’s Office.

Temple Police spokes person Chris Christoff states “The area was subject to extensive investigative procedure to include stabilizing the scene; maintaining the flow of traffic; contacting and the arrival of all the necessary resources and off-duty personnel to include justice of the peace; contacting all of the investigators to the scene to include the Texas Rangers; and confirming the identity of the decreased and the identifies/contact inform for next of kin.”


It has been reported that the deadly incident wasn’t listed on the LexisNexis Community Crime Map. The Temple Police Department specifically utilizes the listing to report and inform the public of occurrences within the community; especially a police involved shooting.

“He’s not a criminal. He wasn’t out there committing crimes,” states Christine. “They’re making it seem like he was a bad person.”

As of right now there is no official proof that Michael is dead due to the fact there has been no official autopsy report forwarded. His body is currently being held at the Southwestern Institute of Forensic Sciences.

“I feel like someone messed up. I really do,” Christine said. “I want to know why my son died on the concrete. I’ve never heard of anyone not giving information about their loved one. If he did something wrong and you had to do it, so be it — but tell me.”

She’s been notified by officials that Michael was shot one time in his head, but she believe he was shot more than once.

“I feel like someone messed up. I really do. I want to know why my son died on the concrete. I’ve never heard of anyone not giving information about their loved one. If he did something wrong and you had to do it, so be it — but tell me.”

It has been confirmed that Michael was the father of three small children.

“I didn’t have the words to tell them,” Christine states. “They just hung onto my neck. All I could tell them was to remember their dad loves them forever.”

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