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Snapchat Set To Enforce New Safety Policies Aiming To Crack Down On Circulation Of Illegal Drug Sales!

-Kierra Wilson-


In recent news the popular social media app of Snapchat has announced a series of safety policies that they are setting into place in efforts of cracking down on illegal drugs sales!

The new policy is currently a major focus for the social media platform following alarming reports about the circulation of drug usage throughout countless social platforms.

According to the U.S Drug Enforcement Administration, there is a “staggering increase” of fentanyl laced pills in the country. This contributes to the many unfortunate deaths, and overdoses that are happening too frequently.

Snapchat has now created a new educational portal called ‘Heads Up’, in which users will be re-directed towards, should they search for drug related keywords, reports CBS News.

It has been indicated that indicated that Snapchat has been made aware of the tragic current events, and released a statement related to this seriousness of the issue, “we have heard devastating stories from families impacted by this crisis, cases where fentanyl laced counterfeit pills were purchased from drug dealers on Snapchat.”

The statement concludes, “We are determined to remove illegal drug sales from our platform, and we have been investing in proactive detection and collaboration with law enforcement to hold drug dealers accountable for the harm they are causing our community,”

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