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Official Trial Date Set For 1970s Playboy Mansion Assault Lawsuit Against Bill Cosby!


Bill Cosby is set to appear in court soon to answer to a forwarded civil lawsuit following direct accusations that he sexually assaulted a 15 year old girl at the Playboy Mansion back in 1974!

According to Fox News the official date has been set for April.18th, 2022. It has been indicated that Cosby alongside his legal team have plans to utilize his Fifth Amendment right of not self-incriminating himself.

His legal advisor Andrew Wyatt says that they’ve, “ made clear to Judge Craig Karlan and the opposing counsel,” that his client will not answer any questions regarding Cosby alleged involvement within the claimed incident.

Judge Huth claimed in a 2014 lawsuit that she met Cosby on a film set when he was 37 years old and she was 16 in 1974. She says that Cosby met with her a few days later and gave her alcohol before allegedly inviting her to the Playboy mansion.

Wyatt says that Cosby’s legal team is currently preparing their deposition and are, “vigorously willing to fight for his innocence with dignity and class, which represents the truth and facts.”

“The self proclaimed Civil Rights Attorney, Gloria Allred does not want this case to move forward to trial, due to the fact that this civil lawsuit brought forward by Ms. Judy Huth is baked with some of the worst ingredients that has plagued the country for over 400 plus years — RACISM,” Wyatt continues.

“We will show that Ms. Huth has a long history of racism in her life against Black Men. We feel that if/when a jury is selected and they hear that Ms. Huth referenced Black people and people of color, as N-words and she felt that Black people and people of color are inhuman to White people. Again, this is not a person (Judy Huth), who is a victim of sexual assault but this is a person, who joined a bandwagon of allegation against a successful and wealthy Black Man in America.”

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