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Ray J Parks His Relationship With Princess Love And Files For Divorce From Hospital Bed As He Battles Pneumonia!

-Angelot Ndongmo-


Ray J is no stranger to making headlines! This moment is no different; even while laid up in a hospital bed battling non-covid related pneumonia.

Now we know couples go through their ups and downs; even contemplating divorce as we have seen the singer and his wife Princess Love do, very publicly over the years. However, it would seem things have taken a bitter unsavory turn since he has filed for divorce, from his sick bed – the one place that is normally used for rest and rehabilitation.

There is no denying the powerhouse couple have a passion filled, rumbustious relationship. Viewers have watched their union recede and flow on their the reality show “Love and Hip-Hop Hollywood”.

Though many had hoped that the couple could push through the growing pains that come with long term family building, it seems they have unfortunately hit another rough patch; this one proving to be insurmountable.

Princess Love, a 37 year old model and fashion designer, told TMZ she has “never been better” and Ray J is “alive and well”, when she was approached at LAX airport, tending to her kids.

Since the time of the announcement, Ray J has yet to reveal his reasons for filing. It is never an easy decision and coupled with battling pneumonia, we certainly wish him a speedy recovery and all the best to him and his family.

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