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Ray J Reportedly Hospitalized For Pneumonia, Says He Hasn’t Seen His Family In A Week!


We’re sending good vibes, prayers and positivity to Ray J and the entire Norwood family at this time as trending news confirms he’s currently being hospitalized for Pneumonia!

According to TMZ Ray is staying at a hospital located in Miami. He says that due to covid protocols still in effect he hasn’t been able to see his family since being admitted.

“I been in here all by myself for a week. No family members came to see me, not even my wife,” says Ray.

He explains that despite having pneumonia he was being kept within the covid section of the hospital, as health officials automatically assumed that’s what he had when first coming in.

“I thought it was over,” he said to TMZ. “I started praying and knew God is good so I just kept praying.”

The Love and Hip Hop cast member was reportedly given five COVID tests, which all proved that the singer was negative. He eventually moved away from the COVID wing.

Ray is currently receiving oxygen and says that he wakes up at 6AM feeling as if he’s recovering and ready to go home however by 630AM things change quickly as he begins to feel ill again.

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