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Former Texas Officer Responsible For The Murder Of Atatiana Jefferson Sentenced To 11 Years And 10 Months In Prison!

Cousins! Former Texas officer Aaron Dean has officially been sentenced after being declared guilty of manslaughter earlier this month in regard to the tragic 2019 shooting of Atatiana Jefferson!

Despite originally facing up to 20 years behind bars, Dean was sentenced to a total of 11 years and 10 months in prison based on conviction of manslaughter.

According to reports from NBC News, jurors on the case had the option to sentence Dean to strictly probation. They ultimately rejected a murder charge that would’ve landed him life in prison. However after a said 13 hour deliberation they are said to have opted into the specifics of his sentencing.

As we previously reported Dean had fatally shot 28 year old Atatiana after receiving a call from dispatch about the front door to her home being left open. The incident took place after midnight as Atatiana had been playing video games with her nephew.

Reports read that the victim had left the front door to her home open as smoke had accumulated from burgers that had been burnt in the kitchen that night.

Dean’s legal team initially argued that he had been acting in self-defense when he shot Atatiana. He said that he had saw the shape of a gun through her home window. His attorney stated that Atatiana had the right to protect herself and her home “up until the point that she pointed a firearm at a Fort Worth police officer.”

The former officer explained while testifying, that he had been responding to a call about a possible burglary. “I’m just looking right down the barrel of the gun, and when I saw the barrel of that gun pointed at me, I fired a single shot from my duty weapon,” said Dean.

The prosecution team argued that Dean had lied and that he never even saw Atatiana with a weapon, seeing how after he used his firearm he continued to stand in front of the window. He also never told his partner when they entered the victim’s home that he had seen a weapon.

“He never said there was a gun, because he didn’t know,” said prosecutor R. Dale Smith.

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