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Danielle Brooks And Her Fiancé Dennis Gelin Break The Internet With Steamy Engagement Photo Series!


Black love is truly a life altering, breath taking experience that is so captivating it can’t be accurately expressed in words, however photos have the power of capturing the magic behind it perfectly!

Actress Danielle Brooks alongside her husband to be Dennis Gelin clearly understood the assignment of snapping the Internet in half this week with their super streamy engagement photo series.

From sweet and sultry melanin photographs capturing the richness of their skin tones to powerful double back images of them basking in one another’s presence on a motor cycle and calm stroll let’s just say the engaged couple did what needed to be done and then some.

“Richer than Godiva, sweeter than the sugar cane of Haiti, hotter than the Carolina sun. Our love is pure and honest. Withstanding and strong. Our love is ordained by the Divine. God- centered.


🤎THE ENGAGEMENT SERIES,” reads Danielle’s caption.

The couple announced their engagement early 2020, shortly after the 2019 birth of their daughter Freeya.

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