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Damson Idris Says That He Had Called On The Devil To Help Him With His Role Of Franklin Saint Within The Final Season Of Snowfall, “ That Stuff Is Really Real”

Cousins! Actor Damson Idris has notably been deemed one of the best new talents to hit the entertainment scene in recent years especially following his stellar portrayal of Franklin Saint in ‘“Snowfall” !

Following the hit FX series’ official wrap up of five seasons back in April, fans were taken on a wild ride in witnessing the beloved character’s rise to success and ultimate downfall. Appearing in the Hollywood Reporter’s round table discussion about 2023 television shows Damson spoke on some of the challenges he faced and the dark forces he called on to assist him with connecting to his character’s final performance.

“I remember sometimes we’d do 10 episodes for my show. In this last season, I was hitting a block. … So I went into the corner and I was looking at the wall and I was like, ‘Come on, devil, come on devil. Come to me!!!’ Because I needed to do something crazy.”

Despite delivering what social media users described as an Academy award worthy performance, Damson revealed that he suffered mentally and emotionally after calling on the devil. The 31 year old says he endured nightmares to the point he had to call on his mother to help bring him back into good spirits.

“ [I] had nightmares for a month. … I had nightmares every day. I just felt that energy, and I had to pray and do all of this stuff to get rid of it, said Damson. “You know, you call your mum up, and you’re like, ‘Bring me back to life.’ That stuff is real, that stuff is really is real.”

The crime-drama series of ‘Snowfall’ tells the story of young kingpin turned tyrant Franklin Saint who was responsible for creating a network that produced and distributed crack cocaine within the South Central area of Los Angeles. After many years of success alongside trial and era Franklin witnesses his own demise as his kingdom crumbles in his face ultimately leading him down an unfamiliar dark path.

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